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Its tutorial time, YAY! and honestly if you’re like me, its about time you used some of that scrap fabric lying around in your sewing room, but if your not like me and don’t have any scrap, its okay to start with a fresh piece of material. I am going to show you how to make fabric storage baskets or bins. I love these because they are so versatile if you use a print or colour that’s in harmony with your space, you can use any kind of fabric as long as you add stability to them, you can make them in any size and most of all they are simple to make. Let me show you how,


2 x 10″ squares for exterior

2 x 10″ squares for interior

2 x 10″ squares for fusible interfacing (for stability)

Ruler and measuring tape


Scissors,pins,iron, coordinating thread

sewing machine



First thing you want to do is iron on interfacing to your exterior pieces, placing the sticky part to the wrong side of the fabric like so

Next measure out 2″x 2″ boxes at the bottom corners of the squares then out those out, this should be done on your interior pieces as well

now, pin together the exterior pieces right side facing and sew the left, right and bottom raw edges with a 1/4″ seam allowance. Do the same thing on the interior pieces but leaving 2.5″ opening on the right side edge. it should look like this;

now, press open the corner boxes so they meet, like so;

sew the opening, 1/4″ seam allowance, repeat on the interior pieces as well. they should look like this;

Next, turn the exterior piece right side out and insert it into the interior piece, seams lining up,

Then sew the two pieces together 1/4″ seam allowance, now, remember the little opening we left on the interior piece? pull out the exterior piece through that opening.

It should look like this;

Now, press the interior fabric inwards and iron the seams flat as shown below

Then, fold the top outwards, at least 2″ down as shown below;

and you’re done!!! Yay!

Go ahead and try out this simple tutorial, in your own fabric and size. I would love to see what you come up with, So show me your pictures in the comment below, tag me on Instagram or use the #lwishefabricbasket. Here are more pictures of what am using my other baskets for.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial. XOXO



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