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I’m finally adding a hair/beauty section to the blog…YAY!! It’s been long overdue and because I get a lot of questions about my hair, what I use and how I manage it, I thought it’s time to get to it.

Taking care of curly kinky hair may sound complicated but all that’s needed is patience and consistency.

Let me tell you why I went natural. I spent all of my high school years in boarding school and we were not given much freedom to experiment with our hair, having to deal with natural hair in boarding school was a nightmare. By the time I was done with High school, I immediately relaxed my hair, you can imagine the excitement of having straight hair that was slightly manageable. I kept my hair relaxed for 8 years after that, it was easier to manage but it was thin, light and my edges constantly broke off. It was not easy to retain length because of the constant breakage. Desperate to have better looking hair, after a little bit of research I decided to go natural. I decided to transition my way to complete natural hair. Along the way I have learnt a few tips that have helped grow and retain length and most important keep my hair healthy. So in this post I will be sharing these tips with you.


There’s a lot of ways to keep your hair moisturized, the easiest and most affordable one is Water!!! I can not stress enough about how important water is for your hair. I wash my hair at least once a week, you can wash it twice if you want to, I only do it once because I have a very hyper 18 months old who needs my attention a lot. So, to keep my hair moisturized I use a spray bottle with warm water and spritz my hair, I do this even when I have braids on. This gives an illusion of an actual hair wash.


You will NEED to get yourself hair products that are free from sulfates. I am currently using the Clicks Afri-True hydrating and softening Shampoo and conditioner. Sulfate free products leave your hair soft and hydrated, and girl that is what you want. Other products to try are Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula Smoothing Shampoo, Black Pearl Hydrating Conditioner and Mega Grow Products do not have sulfates you can pick these in any Shoprite Stores.


Wide Tooth combs are your best friends when it comes to combing out your hair and detangling. Here are reasons to use wide tooth combs: 

  1. Prevents Breakage
  2. Gentle on your scalp and hair
  3. Easy Detangling.
  4. Helps reduce split ends

Detangling hair can be a bit tricky because you need to make sure you get rid of all the tangles without causing a lot of breakage to your can, But using the right brush can take you a long way. Am currently using the Clicks Essentials Detangling Bean Brush and one in the picture above that I picked up in a Chinese shop in Zambia, I use that one on my daughter’s hair as well, its soft and gentle. Another tip is to add conditioner, detangling moisturizer or leave-in detangler to your hair when detangling this will help make the process easier.


Most people have said to me ‘my hair is just so dry’, well, when natural hair is not moisturized frequently and correctly, it become dry, brittle and breaks. leave in conditioner Moisturizes dry hair, Promotes hair growth, Controls frizzy hair, Makes hair soft and shiny. I’m currently using Design Essentials Almond & Avocado Leave-in Conditioner


I only blow dry my hair twice a year, that’s my way of staying away from heat damage. I must say though, that not all heat is bad for your hair, sitting under a hooded dryer to deep condition your hair helps the products penetrate better. Heat from flat iron, blow dryer should be avoided as much as possible. when you decide to Flat iron your hair use a good heater protector.


My favorite oils are coconut oil and castor oil. Essential oils, vegetable oils and natural oils when used regularly and correctly can have so many benefits for your hair.

  1. Hair growth
  2. dandruff
  3. treat dry and brittle hair
  4.  can treat hair loss

Get a trim when needed to keep your healthier and grow faster


A Protective style is a hairstyle which keeps hair tucked away, with very little manipulation. protect styles will help grow your hair, keep your healthy. Examples of protective styles. Braids, corn rows, wigs, weaves, updos,twists.


Lastly but not list, make it a habit to use a satin bonnet or use a satin pillow case. Remember, you need to have patience as you attempt in to embrace your natural hair.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and will use these tips to grow your hair. These are simple and very realistic steps which you can adopt over time, there’s definitely no need to rush. If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section below.

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